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Refinance Your Home

Let's talk about interest rates, ladder refinancing, and ways to make your mortgage more managable.


What You Need to Know:


"When is the best time to refinance?" "How do I know if I can refinance?"

There are many ways to make your mortgage work for you. Our friendly local mortgage brokers are well-versed in refinance opportunities and would like to talk to you about your home-ownership goals! Give us a call for more information.

Loan Details

"What refinance options are available to me?"

One of our friendly local mortgage brokers will help you determine your loan-to-value (LTV) and payment amounts. They are here to support you with which loan type is the best fit for you.

Future Considerations

"How do I keep my home?" "How do I optimize being a home-owner?"

Neighborship is here beyond your first refinance! We can help you refinance your mortgage, search for property improvement funds, as well as develop a plan around your savings to be able to make future property decisions.

Financial Preparation

"Can I refinance my mortgage?" "How can I improve my rates?"

Let's discuss how we can improve your credit score and help you with how much you want to save as well as spend when looking for refinance options. We are aware of different support opportunities as well as strategies to manage your mortgage.

The Closing Process

"Do I still close on a refinance?"

There are a few steps to the closing process, and Neighborship is here for you. We are here with the pen when everything is ready to be signed.

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