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Experienced Homebuyer

Currently own a home and looking to invest in new property? Or maybe it's time to upsize or downsize. We would love to talk more about your next venture.

What You Need to Know:


"Time to downsize!" "We need more house." "Am I ready for something new?" "Could I invest in an income property?"

You've been through the process once before and know how important having the right local mortgage broker is. We would love to hear more about your home goals. Give us a call!

Property Search

"How do I find a house?" "Where can I find a house within my expectations?"

Do you already have a realtor? We like making new friends! Maybe you are interested in finding one you trust. We love working with our friendly realtor partners. Next step is then writing an offer on your future home.

The Closing Process

"How does the house become my home?"

There are a few steps to the closing process, and Neighborship is here for you. Through the inspections, appraisals, title searches, and employment verification, our local mortgage brokers are here to answer any questions you may have even after you pick up the keys to your new home.

Financial Preparation

"Am I ready financially to buy a new house?" "Can I purchase another property in my current financial state?"

Let's discuss how we can improve your credit score and help you with how much you want to save as well as spend when looking for your next home. We support you with Down Payment information and Assistance Programs.

Loan Details

"How do I pay for the house?" "What loan options are available to me?"

One of our friendly local mortgage brokers will help you determine your loan-to-value (LTV) and down payment amounts. They are here to support you with which loan type is the best fit for you.

Future Considerations

"How do I keep my home?" "How do I optimize being a home-owner?"

Neighborship is here beyond buying your home! We can help you refinance your mortgage, search for property improvement funds, as well as develop a plan around your savings to be able to make future property decisions.

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