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You read that right. If you are a...

School Employee or First-Time Homebuyer

Neighborship Mortgage Inc. would like to make your first mortgage payment on your home purchase!

Who is a School Employee?

Neighborship's definition of a School Employee is anyone who works for a school in any capacity. This means if you are a:

  • Teacher

  • Para Professional

  • Custodian

  • Administrator

  • Counselor

  • Contract with a school

  • Bus Driver

You are eligible for this lending offer!

Not sure if you qualify? Call our team of friendly, local Mortgage Brokers; they are here to help.


Offer Details

Neighborship Mortgage will pay your first mortgage payment for all School Employees & First-Time Homebuyers giving you up to 3 months without a mortgage payment!

We have an in-house expert to help with Down Payment Assistance programs and applications.


TBD underwriting approvals are available for qualified applicants. All TBD approvals come with our cash-backed purchase guarantee. TBD underwriting approvals can close in as few as 21 days.

To receive this offer, clients must be pre-approved by 12/31/2023.

We provide interpreter services at our client meetings. Let us know in advance so we can better serve you.


Our team of friendly Local Mortgage Brokers are here to help all applicants, especially if you need credit help or financial planning. Everyone has a path to home ownership; we will help you find yours.

We're here to help!

Terms & Conditions

Qualifying loans closed on or before September 30, 2023 receive a rate guarantee. Neighborship Mortgage will refinance your interest rate down 1% or more as long as the following terms and conditions are met:

1. Refinance must occur within three years of the qualifying loan close date.
2. Timing within those three years will be decided by Neighborship Mortgage.
3. No adverse change(s) in credit, income, employment, and/or property loan-to-value have
4. The amount of the rate-down may be less if client chooses to buy down their initial rate.

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